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Our lab is committed to serving the patients with precise result and diagnostic reports. We make use of the state of art techniques and machinery in order to provide accurate diagnostic to the patients. We make sure to evaluate our own services and performance so that we can deliver the best results to the patients.

1. What Is The Need Of Ultrasound Scan?

Ultrasound, also known as sonography, is the safest way medical test which is used for making live images of the inside body. Instead of radiation, echoes or sound waves are used to make an image in the scan. Thus, it is considered safe for patients. This scan is mainly preferred for evaluation of fetal development as there is no radiation utilized in it. Along with fetus development, an ultrasound scan is also performed to view abnormalities with liver, kidney, abdomen, organs, joints etc.

This also used to check the flow in the arteries and veins in the upper and lower limbs. Any blockage/thrombus can be checked. An ultrasound scan is performed to detect the blockages.

For abdominal ultrasound, the patient needs to be full bladder. The reason for the full bladder makes the images more clear and diagnostic. This ultrasound is mainly done for pelvis or prenatal diagnostic. The main purpose of prescribing full bladder ultrasound is to move the bowel away and there is better clarity of the pelvic organs like uterus and ovary. In simple words, it can be said that a full bladder is mainly done for examining the pelvic organs such as ovary, prostate or uterus.

In this ultrasound, you need to be at least 4-6 hours, preferably overnight fasting. This fasting reduces the amount of gases in the abdomen. These gases obstruct the abdominal organs. Fasting can affect the digestive system and results in the contraction of the gallbladder. Because of this contraction, there will be a poor evaluation of the abnormalities.

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